Google Cloud End User Agreement

      AMERQA is a Google Cloud Partner, in order for AMERQA to be able to provide you with any Google Cloud product (“Product”) such as your G Suite account, you must agree to this agreement (this “Agreement”) set forth between you (“Client”, “Clients”, “you” or “your”) and AMERQA Advertising Agency Corporation (“AMERQA”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). Individually referred to as (“Party”) and collectively as (“Parties”).


  • “Product” means only those Services that Google makes available to AMERQA for resale and/or for Provisioning Services.
  • “Services” means all G Suite services described at (as may be updated by Google from time to time).
  • “End Users” mean Client’s individual end users who use the Product(s).
  • “SLA” means the SLA or Service Level Agreement as defined in the Google TOS.
  • “Client Information” means: (a) any data received by AMERQA from, or maintained by AMERQA on behalf of, a Client, its Affiliates and/or its End Users in connection with the resale of the Product and/or supply of Provisioning Services, including any Personally Identifiable Information and End User passwords; and (b) any Product administrative accounts accessed by AMERQA in connection with the resale of the Product and/or supply of Provisioning Services, and any passwords for such accounts.
  • “Provisioning Services” means the following services relating to the Product: Client account activation services, including administrative account setup and placing initial orders for End Users; managing additional Client orders; suspending either a domain owned by a Client (as such domain is specified during the signup process for use of the Product) or individual End User accounts; technical support services; and such other services required to administer a Client’s account as Google may require.
  • “Personally Identifiable Information” includes, without limitation, names, contact information (including, without limitation, e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers), government identification numbers, financial account numbers, payment card information, transaction information, credit report information, biometric information, IP addresses, network and hardware identifiers, protected health information, geolocation information, and any other information about individual persons or their use of the Product.

Relationship Of Parties

AMERQA, Google and the Client are independent contractors with respect to the resale of the Product.

Google TOS

Unless Google expressly agrees otherwise in writing, the Client will accept the Google TOS, with no alteration or amendment, prior to the Client’s first log in to the Product (or AMERQA must otherwise receive express authorization from the Client to accept on the Client’s behalf).

Disclosure Of Client Information

Client will permit AMERQA to disclose Client Information to Google for use by Google in accordance with the Google TOS including applicable confidentiality, data processing and security terms.

Notices & Consents

Client is responsible for providing the necessary notices, and obtaining and maintaining any consents, required from End Users to allow AMERQA and Google to perform their respective contractual obligations in respect of the Client.


The SLA sets out the Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by Google to meet the SLA, and the Client must request any such remedies directly from AMERQA.

Google Technical Support

Google will only provide technical support directly to the Client as set out in the Google TOS.