Just on this past May 21st, AMERQA made a great move in its business and business relations. That being said, AMERQA have just partnered with Google Cloud, a great news indeed, especially for those who love G Suite. AMERQA is now an official G Suite reseller and our love for G Suite is just as much as yours, thus AMERQA has been busy lately in preparing everything, and has committed itself to offer one G Suite Basic user for every business that advertises with us. The good news is that there will be no monthly subscription fee for the G Suite Basic user that is offered by us.

That’s right, yet another free service by AMERQA, businesses that advertise with us will get a G Suite Basic user free of charge, AMERQA will cover the monthly G Suite Basic subscription fee for these users. Furthermore, AMERQA is committing itself to helping you in setting up your G Suite account, this setup process is known to be a fairly complicated process for many consumers, due to the adding and editing of the DNS records which is not that much of a smooth process, AMERQA will do this process free of charge as well, another free great news for today.

So what else is happening within AMERQA these days?

We have recently added an option to purchase any G Suite edition directly from us, you do not have to go to Google’s and go through the process of setting up the DNS records, mail exchange records and more of these technical processes that must be done to ensure that your email works properly, capable of receiving emails, capable of sending emails, and capable of keeping your business correspondences secure against attackers. AMERQA will remove that burden from all businesses that advertise with us and will do all of this setup process for free. However, if the business does not advertise with us there is still a paid option for doing this setup process. Either way AMERQA will relieve your business from this crucial task

Any other plans AMERQA has?

At the moment there seems to be plans of partnerships with other companies that are related to advertising, these companies may be specialists in videography, but AMERQA Corp. is still in the process of picking the right partner for the right task at the right time so everyone can be happy, keep checking our News page for more updates and articles.