Custom Business-Email Suite


Choose any G Suite edition you wish, we can help you in the setup process of any G-Suite edition, also if you’re advertising with us and have already claimed your free G-Suite Basic Business-Email we can help you upgrade the G-Suite account of your Business-Email to the Enterprise or Business editions. Click below to go to the G-Suite editions comparison page:

Click "G Suite" to compare editions


For G-Suite Enterprise: $29 CAD per Business-Email / Month

For G-Suite Business: $15 CAD per Business-Email  / Month

For G-Suite Basic: $7.30 CAD per Business-Email  / Month


$133 CAD domain connection fee for businesses that need to connect their domain to G-Suite. During the domain connection, we will implement all necessary records in your G-Suite, which will keep your emails safe and encrypted.

Google’s G-Suite Business-Emails offer high speed and high security, it is the top and most recommended email service for all of our enterprise clients.

Zoho Mail and Workplace solutions offer some of the top solutions in the market, Zoho Corp. is also a premier partner of Google Apps and can integrate with many of Google’s apps.